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t h e    E x p e r i m e n t a l    A i r c r a f t    A s s o c i a t i o n   --   C h a p t e r   3 4 7
A n g l e t o  n ,  T X  (40 miles south of Houston)

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Notice to the Public: All EAA Chapter 347 meetings and activities are open to the general public.   You do not have to be a builder, or a pilot, or an aircraft owner... you only need enthusiasm for aviation.  All are welcome!


Gyroplane visits Bailes - June 30, 2018


At the invitation of the EAA 347 President, John Kothe, Bailes alumnus Robert Laird and his wife, Amy, visited the airport with his Autogyro Cavalon gyroplane, and were met by enthusiastic and inquisitive EAA 347 members. The Cavalon is a 2-seat, side-by-side, fully enclosed LSA gyroplane.   For the summer, though, the doors have been removed. which makes low-level and ground operations a bit cooler.  Robert also wrote about his visit in his well-known Texas-Flyer blog.


Test Flight Gone Wrong - August 13, 2011


Looking in the mirror I say to myself, “stupid, stupid, stupid.”  Have you ever done that?  Now don’t lie to me.  If you haven’t per haps there are times when you should have.  Those dumb decisions that you knew perhaps shouldn’t have been made but you d id it anyhow.  Ok, all together now, “stupid, stupid, stupid.” I call them stupid days.   I had one of those days that almost turned out to be a permanent stupid for me. Click here to read the rest of the story!


EAA 347 Election


At the December 18, 2010 EAA347 meeting, officers elections were held. The new president of EAA 347 is Wade Jones, and the new Vice President is Joe Gomez.  Joe Ware, James Holt, Bud Bearce, & John Ri ley were re-elected to their current positions of Flight Advisor, Secretary, Treasurer and Flight Advisor, respectively.  During the meeting, it was also agreed that t here would be six meetings per year, one every other month.


Fly-In Date Changed


Due to a conflict with the Louise, TX "Under The Wire" Flyin, E AA347 has changed the fly-in date to November 6, 2010.


EAA 347 Board picks next Fly-In date - July 17, 2010


October 9, 2010 has been picked as the next EAA 347 fly-in. The rain date is October 16th.  A BBQ is planned, and a flyer was produced.


E. P. Bullock visits Bailes - April 24, 2010


It was an extra special morning for those of us that showed up at Bailes Field today. Wade Jones brought his friend E.P. Bullock who lives in Lake Jackson.
    Mr Bullock is one of the few remai ning fighter pilots still alive that served with the 23rd Fighter Group in China during WW 11 known as the Fighting Tigers.  He shared some great stories of his service and showed some memorab ilia he had brought with him. He served there in 1943-44. He flew both a P40 warhawk and a P51 mustang.
    One of the sto ries he told was how he got shot down on his first mission and had to bail out. He got hung up half out on the cockpit while his plane went into a steep spiral and barely got free in time to open his chute before he hit the ground.
     He had a little display case full of ribbons and metals he had earned. Among them was a Distinguished Flying Cross, a medal given a member of the armed forces who distinguishes himself in support of operations by "herois m or extraordinary achievement while participating in an aerial flight ".
     Besides being a g reat American hero and part of an American legend, he is a really likeable man. He had a smile on most of the morning, he joked around and talked and acted like he was among old friends.
    What an h onor to have him. I think those of us that met him will not soon forget him and his stories.


Club selects two new officers - December 23, 2009


Club members elected two new officers:  Ronnie Woods as president, and Joe Gomez as vice president.  They are replacing Allyn Noblitt and Mi ckey Crouch, respectively.  Thanks go to Allyn and MIckey for t heir dedicated service!


EAA347 has booth at Festival of Lights - November 17, 2007


Members of the EAA347 man the 347 info booth at the 2007 Festval of Lights e vent in Lake Jackson.  The booth displayed various issues of S port Aviation, Light Sport Pilot and other EAA publications.  Click here to read more!


EAA347 Board Meeting, New President - January 27, 2007


An open board meeting occurred on January 27,2007, at Brazoria CountyJan 27 2007 EAA347 Meeting Airport. A new president was elected -- Allyn Noblitt. Also, Bud Bearce will take over from Jim Laird as Treasurer. 14 members were present for the meeting, and Betty Terrell provided snacks. Meeting minutes can be viewed here.


Chapter President Gets New  Bird - August 28, 2006


David Bucklew, EAA347 Chapter president, proudly annouced to the group that he had acquired a new aircraft, a Baby Ace.  David says: "The Baby Ace is a tail dragger, which I really enjoy because of the added skill and feel of take offs and landing.  It also has the good old Continental Engine.  Only has around 150 hours on the engine.  The w hole plane is just a big ultralight.  Empty she weighs around 560 lbs.  It sh ould be a lot of fun."  Unfortunately, he had to sell his MiniMax and Quicksilver to pay for it!  And, of course, you know what that means:  more room in the hangar!  :-)


EAA347 Member Meeting/BBQ - December 19, 2005


A member meeting and BBQ was held at Bill Terrells house to elect officers for 2006.  All existing officers were re-elected by the 11 mem bers present, with two new positions announced:  John Riley (formerly Vice President) as Flight Advisor and Dave Bleakney (also the club Secretary) as Techn ical Counselor.  Ser vice awards for 2005 were handed out to the officers to thank them for their support throughout the year.  Mickey Crouch volunteered to be the Young Eagles coordinator for the club.  EAA347 currently ha s 21 active members.  [The photo shows Guy Paul's RV-9A parti ally assembled in Bill Terrell's "Aircraft Factory" and the club members admiring the quick-build fuselage.]


EAA347 BBQ - June 18, 2005


The EAA347 had a members-only BBQ on June 18, 2005 at Bailes Airport, 7R9.  Otherwise, it's been a very quiet summer!


Bleakney Flies Low

  June 2005 -- Dave Bleakney, EAA347 Secretary, flies low on his new Honda Shadow motorcycle.  The EAA chapter could almost qualify as a motorcycle club since at least 5 members proudly own and ride their Harley's, Kawazaki's, Honda's and other low-flying groundcraft!

Murphy Maverick


May 2005 -- EAA347 member William Terrell stands in front of his newly finished Murphy Maverick in the hangar at Bailes Airport (7R9).  The aircraft passed the DAR exam with flying colors on May 12, 2005, and was successfully test flown on May 13th by his friend, Steve Rouse, who still has a smile on his face!  The Murphy is powered by the 2-cylin der, 4-stroke HKS 700E engine from HPower.  Mr. Terrell, 80, took abo ut 2 years to complete this exquisite work of art -- including over 15,000 rivets --  and is quite proud to say it's his 7th experimental aircraft


Above, Bi ll's friend, Steve Rouse, skims the Murphy over the treetops on it's maiden flight.

  New Chapter President/Vice President Elected

March 5, 2005 --  Due to recent events and the need for new officers, there was a meeting at Bailes Airport (7R9), and EAA Chapter 347 members elected David Bucklew and Mickey Crouch as president and vice president, respectively.  All other officer positions will remain unchanged.   Also discussed at the meeting was the upcoming Brazoria County Fly-In (April 23rd).

  Russell Hakanson, 1958-2005

Feburary 17, 2005 -- Russell Hakanson, President of EAA Chapter 347, was killed attempting an off-field landing approximately 5 miles east of Bay City airport.
[Obituary]  Although there were no witnesses to the crash, it probably happ ened around 6pm Wednesday evening.  Post-crash evidence suggests the engine seized, and Russell attempted to land in an open field.  Howe ver, he didn't quite make it and ended 30 feet up in a pecan tree.   He appeared to have been killed instantly, but was not found until 8am the next morning by one of many pilots searching the area for him.  Services were held on Monday, February 21.  Rus sell is survived by his wife, Cindi, and daughter Kendra.  EAA Chapter 347 will honor Russell by having a plaque placed on the EAA Memorial Wall, in Oshkosh, WI., in a ceremony to take place later in 2005.

  November Meeting, Officers Re-Elected
  November 1, 2004 -- Upstaging the Presidential election, EAA347 members gathered at the DemiJohn home of Robert Laird to hold an election of all offices.   All current office holders were re-elected.  It seem s we started a trend, as the next day, another President was re-elected.
  EAA 347 and the Bailes Crew Honor John Wall
  August 28, 2004 -- At the (early) September meeting, the officers ofJohn Riley presents the plaque to John Wall while Russell Hakanson looks
onEAA 347 and several current and past Bailes Airport patrons honored John Wall for his decades of service to the local ultralight community. Mr. Wall is retiring from instructing but will still maintain the hangar arrangements at Bailes Airport.  On hand were 23 pilots and their spouses, friends, students and fellow instructors.  John was presented with a plaque noting his achievements, and an embroidered squall jacket.
  New Officer Positions Announced at September meeting
  August 28, 2004 -- At the meeting preceding the John Wall presentation, the current 347 officers voted to add two new officer positions to the Chapter:  Webma ster and Newsletter Editor.
  EAA 347 Does Fly-Out to Palacios
  July 17, 2004 -- A variety of planes and pilots arrived mid-morning at KPSX (Palacios) for a breakfast at the Outrigger Restaurant. 4 planes and 6 people from Bailes, 1 plane and Pilot from Houston Southwest, 1 plane, pilot, and passenger from West Houston and 2 planes from the Houston Area Light Flyers. A lovely time -- and a g reat breakfast -- were had by all.
  New EAA Chapter 347 Officers
  May 8, 2004 -- New EAA Chapter 347 officers were elected today; they include Russell Hakanson, President, John Riley, Vice President, Dave Bleakney, Secretary, and Jim Laird was re-elected as Treasurer.
  EAA347 President gets Zenith CH701
  Feburary 15, 2004 -- John Crosley -- EAA347 President -- makes a surprise visit to Bailes Airport in his newly acquired Zenith CH701, and brings his mother! He collected the plane in Minnesota and flew through snow, sleet and rain to get it to its new home airport, Brazoria County Airport.
  EAA347 has Gumbo Cookout
  January 24, 2004 -- To start off the new year, the Chapter 347 hosted a gumbo cookout at the Bailes hangar for all members and their family. Suggesting the cookout, member Jack Kees also provided most of the elbow grease and culinary skills. A great final touch was the Zydeco music! A good time was had by all. Hoooo-wee!
  AOPA distributes Intercept Procedures Card
  August 23, 2003 -- The AOPA has created an Intercept Procedure Card that you can print out and carry with you if the worst should happen: you get intercepted by a U.S. military jet or helicopter due to an incursion in prohibited air space. (view/print card) (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  Distance lines painted on runway
  August 23, 2003 -- Chapter members Jim Laird, Rick Aurich and Robert Laird joined forces and painted distance marks on the turf runway at Bailes Airport (7R9). Each mark was set 100 feet apart and a threshold line was also painted. Shortly afterwards, all three proceeded to determine their normal and short-field takeoff distances, and distances for landing clean and dirty. (photos) The lines and marks are expected to only be visible for another 2-3 weeks.
  Chapter Bar-B-Q: a Hot Time for All!
  August 9, 2003 - EAA Chapter 347 held a bar-b-q for all members and their families on one of the hottest days of the year. Temperatures reached 109-degrees with not much of a breeze. Although various activities were planned, it was simply too hot to do anything. Nevertheless, a pleasant time was had by the 30 or so attendees. John Wall and Bill Terrell were awarded certificates of appreciation for their support and dedication to our Chapter, and we gave their wives, Donna and Betty, a bouquet of flowers as the powers behind the throne! As an added bonus, the Model T Ford Club of American made an appearance in the form of five Model Ts that came by for a visit: 1923 and 1925 touring cars and trucks; it was great! In addition, we picked up one new member, David Davis, a flyer with some 1500 hours who’s been grounded the last few years but hopes to get back into it soon.
  EAA 347 Holds Second Meeting of 2003
  April 12, 2003 - An EAA 347 Chapter meeting was held at Bailes Airport (7R9) today. With 10 members in attendance, various topics were discussed... (read more)
  EAA 347 Advises Bailes (7R9) on Runway Improvement
  January 25, 2003 - EAA 347 officers and participating members provided advice and expertise toward a much needed improvement to the north end of the Bailes runway... (read more)
  Announcing new EAA 347 Officers
Revitalized Chapter Votes in 4 New Officers
  January 25, 2003 - At a belated Chapter meeting, 4 new officers were voted on and inducted to lead the Chapter for another year. Immediately following the voting in, several topics were discussed and issues resolved... (read more)
  EAA Asks For 'P-49' Relief at Killeen, Texas
  January 9, 2003 - EAA is asking the FAA for a special exemption to allow flight training and safer overall flight operations at a small Texas airport when President George W. Bush is at his nearby ranch in Crawford (P-49). Such presidential visits activate a 30-mile temporary flight restriction centered on P-49 that falls a mere 700 feet north of runway 1/19 at Killeen Municipal Airport (ILE). When the TFR is active, VFR flight training, pattern work, and practice instrument training are prohibited. Pilots are also forced to conduct both takeoffs and landings to the south, creating obvious air traffic and wind condition safety issues ... (read more)




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